Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A very special shower for our very special boys!

Just wanted to take a moment to share about the wonderful shower that our church hosted for us last Sunday! What a huge blessing to us and our boys! Despite the snowy weather we actually had a wonderful turn out of wonderful loving people!

A huge thanks to all who braved the snow and attended, helped set-up, tear down, decorate, and provided wonderful words of adoption & parenthood wisdom. Mostly thank you for your continued prayers, support and love throughout this journey! 

Also, we felt so honored and privileged to share pictures of our sons during the slide show! We are very proud parents and think that they are just the cutest kids in the world! And no we are not biased at all. Well, maybe a little. Okay we are. :-)

Here is a sampling of pictures taken during the day! The theme was fire truck....go figure! :-)


  Noah and Colton's Fireman cake!

My creative mom made this wonderful fire truck themed diaper/formula cake! It was so awesome!

      Tiny Converse for Colton (Just like his Dad & Uncle Chasen wears)

 A fireman/duck faucet protector for bath time!

Andrew's first time attending a baby shower EVER! And he still kissed me at the end! ;-)