Friday, February 26, 2010

Run for a child!

We are inviting everyone to run with us on May 30th 2010 in a ½ marathon to help raise funds for our child! The ½ marathon is approximately 13 miles on the St. Edward state park in Kenmore, WA. This a a beautiful trail run!
We are asking everyone who participates in the run to try to get at least one sponsor. Your sponsor can be anyone such as a business, a friend or even your grandma!

We have included a link to a 10 week ½ marathon training schedule for you to follow if you wish. We have personally used this training plan and it has worked for us in the past! Remember, you don't have to be a “runner” to do this. Anyone can work up to this 13 miles even if you never workout or train!

We have also included a link to a sponsor letter template that you can give to your potential sponsor!
Feel free to alter this letter if you would like to.

Here is a flyer that can be posted around your workplace if you like to let others know also!

We will be providing adoption t-shirts for the run with a list of sponsors on the back!

Please let us know by APRIL 15th if you plan to participate by e-mailing us at!

Thank you so much everyone for helping us bring home our child by your commitment to run with us! We look forward to training and running with you!

Megan & Andrew :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God's amazing provision!

Just 2 months ago was when we really started in our fund raising endeavor for our adoption fund. When we first began, the thought of $25,000 seemed so far out of our reach. It was truly a huge step of faith for us to rely on God to provide this much money is such a short amount of time.

Last night Andrew sat down to calculate our funds thus far. In order to send our first chunk of money into AGCI and get our home study started we needed to have $8,790 to send in with the paperwork. After doing to calculations, Andrew announced that we had 8,790.04! We have 4 cents over what we needed! Not 4 cents less but 4 cents over! How amazing is our God!

Praise the Lord for His provision!

~ Megan

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buy some coffee, help a child!

Dear friends,

Just Love Coffee generously gives us $5 dollars from every bag of coffee purchased through ‘our store’ to help raise money for our adoption fund! Every month they then send us the money reflective of the amount of bags sold. Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise $3,000 which means we need to sell 600 bags of coffee! If 100 people commit to purchasing 1 bag of coffee per month instead of through your current coffee supplier (ie Starbucks or Cutters), in 6 month we could reach our goal!!!

In addition to helping us bring our child home from Ethiopia you will also be contributing to a local orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Thank you & God Bless,
Andrew & Megan Charvet

Please visit:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Support Andrew and Megan’s adoption fundraising through your grocery shopping!

We all know that spending money on certain things—like the mortgage on a home—rewards us with greater value long-term. We call these “investments.” But have you ever considered that other routine expenses can be investments as well? It’s true! When you do your shopping through us—routine purchases such as shampoo, laundry products, vitamins, and even toilet paper—we give back a percentage of every sale, giving you greater value for your money. Our website offers hundreds of top-quality, competitively-priced items for your health, personal care, and household use. Each item also carries a 100% money-back guarantee.

For the month of February we are very excited to donate 100% of the proceeds from each client sale to Andrew and Megan, helping them in their effort to raise money to bring home their child! You’re going to do your grocery shopping anyway; why not use your grocery budget to make a difference in someone’s life?

Questions? Contact Tim & Jenn Lindberg, 1-866-241-4386 or

Ready to shop?

Want to see a price comparison of some everyday items found at Wal-Mart vs the website? Price Comparison Sheet

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

God is good!

Wow! We wanted to thank all that attended our Ethiopian Dinner on Sunday! We both felt so incredibly blessed by everyone who supported us! It was a HUGE success! With you help, we raised more than twice our financial goal for this fundraiser! God is good! Thank you to all the great helpers that stayed all day helping us set-up, decorate, serve, and clean-up! Thank you to all of you that donated so many wonderful items for our auction! Thank you for our awesome kitchen crew- we couldn't have done it without you! And thank you for all who attended and for those who lifted the night up in prayer!
May God truely bless you all!!!

Andrew & Megan <><