Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God's amazing provision!

Just 2 months ago was when we really started in our fund raising endeavor for our adoption fund. When we first began, the thought of $25,000 seemed so far out of our reach. It was truly a huge step of faith for us to rely on God to provide this much money is such a short amount of time.

Last night Andrew sat down to calculate our funds thus far. In order to send our first chunk of money into AGCI and get our home study started we needed to have $8,790 to send in with the paperwork. After doing to calculations, Andrew announced that we had 8,790.04! We have 4 cents over what we needed! Not 4 cents less but 4 cents over! How amazing is our God!

Praise the Lord for His provision!

~ Megan

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  1. Congrats! God is so good! Enjoy the paperchase :)

    It looks daunting at first, but it all really does come together quickly. Definitely get your FBI fingerprints sent out ASAP after you get your packet because they are taking 8-10 weeks to get back right now.