Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is the fun part!

I have had so much fun the past few weeks going to garage sales every Friday morning and cruising Craigslist for baby stuff! It has been amazing to see the kinds of deals I have been finding! The whole nursery is full of used baby items that were either given to us by friends, family and sometimes random people, or found at garage sales and Craigslist! We have bought nothing new! God is so good and has really been blessing us through others.

It's funny how the mention of our adoption at a garage sale influences the seller to lower the price. It usually goes like this: I am looking around at the cute baby boy clothes and ask "how much for this baby sleeper?" "All the clothes are $2 a piece" says the seller in a very matter of fact tone. She then asks "how old is your baby?" I respond with a smile, "Well, I'm not quite sure." Of course my response usually is followed by a disturbed look on that mother's face as she is probably thinking of what a horrible mother I must be not to know my child's age. I then go on to explain that we are adopting a baby and do not know the age as of yet. "oh...(sigh of relief on mother's face) that is wonderful!" I say the usual thank you and yes we are excited. As I continue to look through the baby clothes the mother says "how about 3 for a $1 in instead of $2 a piece?"
I don't mind paying full price for items, especially garage sale full prices but it is so nice to see how God blesses us in even the little things!

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  1. What a darling room Megan!!! Neat to hear how the Lord has provided for you!