Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hurry up and wait!

Well, I have not posted in awhile so thought it is time for an update. Things have been really busy lately. I started a new nursing job working full time nights and I also work part time at the hospital too! All the funds from the nursing job are going straight into our adoption fund! Andrew is working full time plus part time school as well!

Since the possibility of adopting two babies, we needed to add several thousand dollars to the funds we need to raise. With working overtime shifts, applying for a grant, doing the baby bottle fund raiser and PRAYER, we are confident that God will provide the necessary funds we need to bring are babies home!!!

So many people have been asking where we are in our adoption process. Well, we had a couple setbacks that were quite frustrating but we know that God has a perfect plan and timing. Our adoption case worker had to leave the state in an emergency before she finished our home study. We waited for a while and then AGCI said that they would go ahead and move the process along despite the undone home study. We sent in our dossier last week and we have a couple changes that we need to make in the next couple days then we are officially on the wait list! Our wait list will be very short due to our adoption of a special needs child so once the agency begins looking for a child for us, it shouldn't take too long before we travel to Ethiopia!

During this wait time we are working a lot, spending time together and getting our babies' room ready! We have decided to do a fire truck theme so we are adding decor as we find it at garage sales and Craigslist!

Please keep us in your prayers as we wait! It is much more difficult than I anticipated. Unlike a pregnancy, we do not have a "due date" and things are very uncertain. Are we getting one child or two? What will their ages be? What will their backgrounds be? Will they be very sick? Will we get to meet the birth mother or will she have passed from AIDS? So many questions and uncertainties. Please pray that God will give us peace and patience.
Thank you!
                                                   Our baby room under construction!


  1. the room is beautiful! i'm praying so much for you guys and your new baby(s)!

    love you!

  2. awesome update and pictures! :D love you both!!!