Monday, May 31, 2010

Run for a child May 30th 2010!

Well, we did it! We all ran/walked the 1/2 marathon & 10k to raise money for our adoption! The trail was a lot harder than we all anticipated with steep muddy hills, rocky terrain and small creeks to cross! We are so proud of everyone, it was not an easy feat! Thanks to all the participants and all who prayed for us, cheered for us. For our camera crew, and for all our sponsors! THANK YOU!!!
This is the group of runners minus a few who were not there yet!

                                    Getting all warmed up and ready!
                                                                    Yay Molly!!!

And Todd making it look easy with an incredible running time!
                                                Bryan & Karin! You guys are amazing!
                                               Jo and his battle wound from the trail!
                                 Jing-Ping with a "I'm so glad this is over" smile on her face!
                                                       My Amazing Mother!!!
                                             Andrew, Megan & Sara!
                                                            Peter Andrews and family!


  1. Nope. That was Sara B. commenting. Emily must have left herself logged in... haha