Thursday, September 15, 2011

My strange addiction!

I am really starting to drive myself crazy right now and I KNOW I am driving my poor husband even crazier. Yes, I admit I have an addiction.

I can't stop checking my phone, checking other adoptive family's blogs and analyzing every possible situation. I have located every waitlist family below us and I am constantly checking their blogs or Facebook to see if they got "the call". If another family receives their call then that means than we are one spot closer. I daily talk over every possible or not-so-possible scenario with my husband and his usual reply is "uh huh" or "that is exciting honey" or "it will happen when it happens sweetie". Man I wish I had as much patience as him. Or at least half of it. Maybe it's the soon-to-be mom in me that can't stop fantasizing about the moment our life changes forever. The moment that we hear our agency say "we have a baby boy for you".  "Lord please give me patience, endurance and faith as I wait on you for the perfect moment you have already chosen"


  1. Sounds a lot like a mama to me :) You totally do that when pregnant too. It's constant worry and wondering what it will be like. Oh and it sounds like your husband has the same answers too, they just don't get it. It will be soon and you will be a great mama!

  2. I am the same way! So funny - and while you only have 7 families ahead of you, I have 29! Which makes for so many scenarios/possibilities, it will make your head spin. I hope you hear something soon.