Monday, December 12, 2011

Ethiopia Day 2~ Where are my white people?

Ethiopia Day 2

This will be a short post tonight because we are pretty exhausted from our full day! The highlight of course was being able to spend more time with our boys at Hannah’s Hope. Noah (“B”) was very excited to see us again today which was nice to see because we had to leave him crying in one of the special mother’s arms yesterday. Noah again wanted to play with stickers with Andrew again. We also brought some bubbles today and he was so cute as he tried to blow into the bubble wand. Most of the time his blow was so strong that no bubbles would form but is when he did manage to create a bubble he would make sure that we both saw it. He is a very smart toddler and has been picking up English words even just since we have been there. He does not speak Amharic like the special mothers do because he came from a region that speaks a different language.

Noah wanted to do everything just like daddy (Andrew) and if Andrew would sit a certain way in the courtyard, Noah would be right there sitting in the same position. It just melted my heart to see that. Towards the end of the day our driver and special father at Hannah’s Hope “W” came to see if we were ready to go back to the hotel (we never are). He told us that everyday Noah would ask the staff at Hannah’s Hope “when do my ferenghi(white people) come?” It breaks my heart to think that every week or so he sees other families come to visit their new children and up until this point no one has ever come to him. The staff has told us that they have tried to explain to him that we are here now but have to leave for while but then will be back to take him and his brother to America. I know that he is only a toddler but I really hope that he has been able to grasp this concept even just a little.

Colton (“U”) was just as happy as can be again today. He almost never stops smiling! He is at that curious stage where he is wanting to look around at everything, especially anything colorful! I put him into our Moby wrap again today and he was less than thrilled because he wanted to play so he was quickly out of it again.

Today we also met the director of Hannah’s Hope a wonderful Lady “A”. She helped us fill out our I-600 forms and told us a bit about the rest of the process. Our next step is very unpredictable. We have to go home and wait for our embassy appointment. “A” wasn’t able to give us a time frame as the way the Ethiopian government processes these cases seems to be quite random. She told us to pray for a miracle because we are now at the mercy of the government and it is completely out of our hands as well as our agency and Hannah’s Hope staff. We know that we will get an appointment to come back but we need prayer that the case will process quickly.

Well, wish I could write more but must get some rest for another day with our boys tomorrow!

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  1. Ahhhh love the photos. Yes, the wait for embassy is the absolute worst. I remember "stalking" AGC blogs who went to court when I went to court, and as they were going back, and those from my agency were also getting emails, I was going nuts. I just got on a plane and went back and waited for the embassy appt.. about a month later. Once you hae spent time with your kids it is so hard to leave them.