Thursday, December 15, 2011

~ Getting to know our boy’s schedules

Ethiopia Day 3

Well, today we got to spend most of our day with the boys at HH. Andrew and I both spend time getting to know our boy’s personalities and routines. HH does a great job keeping all the kids on a schedule that works for everyone. Colton (“U”) falls asleep everyday at about 10:30am no matter what is going on around him whether we are in a meeting with the boys and the HH director or playing outside, he falls asleep in our arms like clockwork. Noah (“B”) is getting use to his schedule too with lunch at 11:30am and then a nap for 2-3 hrs. Every day we have (unwillingly) been escorted back to the hotel during the early afternoon for our lunch and a rest. Although we have wanted to just stay at HH and be with the kids it has actually been good, especially for Noah to be able to re-charge before we go back in the later afternoon.

Noah is a really good eater and often times asks for 2nd and 3rd helpings. Today Andrew fed him with the fork which turned out to be a great bonding experience for them. Most of the days they eat injera with some chopped meat, potatoes and of course SPICES! We asked the staff if the meals are prepared with bland spices but they actually use spicy spices just like what the adults eat. We are so glad that we have practiced making Doro Wat and other Ethiopian dishes so Noah will have some familiar foods to eat when he comes home.

Colton is 7 months now and we plan to keep him on the bottle until he is 2 years old and start introducing baby food and rice cereal sometime after his first birthday. We learned that all the babies in Ethiopia are breastfed exclusively until they are 2 years old. We know that at least one bottle in the evening up until he is two will really help with bonding so that is our plan (we have done quite a lot of research on bonding and attachment of the adopted child ).

Tomorrow is are court appointment so Andrew and I would so appreciate prayers for that!

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  1. Oh my. What an incredible story. Can't wait to see all of you.
    Kristen Harris