Monday, May 24, 2010

Adoption Garage Sale Success!!!

WOW! Our garage sale went amazingly well last weekend! Despite the occasional rainy weather, we had a huge turn out with many customers. People were so great and would tell us to keep the change after buying something. My favorite customers were the ones that would bargain us down on an item they wanted and would then give a donation that was more than the money they saved from bargaining! I guess it made them feel better to get a good deal and donate to our cause! People are funny.

A BIG thanks to the Partsch family, specifically Susan, John, Ashlyn & Grandma, the Charvet family, Genie, Kelvin, Mary & Paul, Shelly Stern, Emily Savage, the Jewett family, and to all the many people that donated so many items so that the fundraiser could be such a HUGE success! THANK YOU!

Are you ready to hear the total?.......Drum roll please............

$2900 (approx) !!! WOW! This is unheard of for a garage sale! That is enough for two round trip tickets to Ethiopia! Praise the Lord!

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