Saturday, May 15, 2010

The home study home stretch?

After mountains of paperwork and multiple trips to the notary, court house and post office, we are finally on our home study home stretch! We only have a couple more documents to gather before we send in our dossier and only one more meeting with our social worker! Yay! God has been so good and we have definitely seen His hand throughout the process. For the most part, things have been going really smooth. Documents that we have to wait for from the government and other agencies have been getting sent back to us in record time!

We spoke with one of AGCI coordinators about what our estimated time of traveling to Ethiopia would be because Andrew needs to let the fire station know an approximate time frame. We were told that the date would most likely be sometime in August!!! Could be as early as July or perhaps not until September. It is just so hopeful to have an estimated time. It actually became much more real for me at that point. We could be bringing home our baby this fall! So exciting!

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